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Briar's Hill


The sleepy little town of Briar’s Hill is a nature lovers dream, nestled in a valley at the base of snow peaked mountains. It’s an idyllic setting to raise a family, especially a supernatural one; the town’s bakery is run by an elf and the police chief is also head of the town’s wiccan coven. Mason Hanover has just moved to Briar’s Hill to be the vet’s new assistant and he’s in for the shock of his life as one of the few normals in town. Love, intrigue, and helping the local animal population, including the hunky and beautiful local were pack, are in Mason’s future. How will he handle living in Briar’s Hill?


Darren Criss as Mason Hanover

The main character, Mason is fresh from the big city and college. He’s had some trouble with his parents and he’s hoping that Briar’s Hill will be a fresh start for him. He's what the supernatural world refers to as a normal, not a drop of supernatural blood in him. He's always loved animals and knows being a veterinarian is his true calling.

James Marsters as Alex O’Leary
Alex was born to be police chief of Briar’s Hill. His father and grandfather were both on the force before him. A strong wiccan, and leader of the Briar's Hill coven, he knows something’s coming towards theml that’s no good, and he just hopes the newcomer isn’t the cause.

Jack Davenport as Mike Waters
Mike is old friends with Mason’s parents, and took him on as a favor to them, not that he knows that. He’s very quiet, keeps to himself mostly, and almost no one knows much about him, but threaten him, and you’ll have the werewolves tearing out your throat. There’s more to Mike than meets the eye.

Devika Parikh as Cory Litely
Don’t call her a Kibbler elf and you and Cory will get along just fine. She’s heard all the jokes, and isn’t looking to know any more. She’s a little on the rougher side and has lived a harder life. She’s not native to Briar’s Hill and no one’s exactly sure where she came from or when she arrived in town.

Debra Ann Woll as Monet Alexander
Monet’s lived in Briar’s Hill all her life. She was born into the local werewolf pack, and never saw a reason to leave. She loves to teach and is torn between finding love in the pack, or going against them to follow her heart.

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